Whether property owners have one or hundreds of rental properties throughout Ogden, Wamego and Manhattan, Kansas, acquiring support services from MK Property Management provides immense benefits. Our services help keep expenses related to the rental process at an all-time low. Our focus on maintaining tenant satisfaction eliminates long vacancies and high turnover rates, which maximizes yearly revenues. We always focus on facilitating the performance of each rental under our care.

The team will handle every step of the tenant acquisition and support process. We thoroughly screen each applicant to find ideal renters for the available properties. Our screening services are completed quickly without sacrificing quality. We handle all paperwork, including rent collection and lease renewals, to eliminate stress on the property owners.

Our maintenance and repair services keep the rental properties in amazing condition, year after year. Our tenants know they can contact us anytime for repairs on the property. We encourage tenants to report all findings to prevent repair complications and damage to the rental properties. Our team of skilled and experienced repair technicians handle the situation to ensure the rental properties maintain their value on the market.