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MK Property Management serves property owners and tenants throughout the Manhattan, Kansas region. We handle all of the management tasks to improve tenant satisfaction and reduce stress on property owners.

Our team dedicates their time and effort to providing the highest quality rentals for tenants in our surrounding area. We keep the rentals in great condition by performing preventative maintenance and completing all required repairs in a timely manner. Our services ensure that every rental is ready to accommodate our tenants before we place it on the market.

The marketing process attracts high caliber tenants who are ideal for the available space. We use a combination of high and low tech marketing techniques to capture interest across a wide range of applicants. We always show each rental in its best light to allow tenants to imagine themselves in that space.

We strive to match each property to tenants with the best qualifications, with a focus on rental history, credit and income. Although we thoroughly screen each applicant, we always briskly complete the application process to help tenants acquire a suitable rental fast. Tenants and property owners can contact our team anytime to discuss our rentals and management services.